Business Culture in USA
     Business Culture in USA



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Business Culture in the USA

Image Find out about doing business in the United States, business culture in USA and american business etiquette. Learn about USA business ethics, United States business travel, USA business customs, USA business communication and USA business practices. Discover business customs in USA, business negotiations, business gifts and american business protocol. Receive latest information on USA business meetings, USA business dress and the use of business cards in USA. Get practical tips on business relationships in the USA, business greetings in the United States and much more.

Doing Business in the United States

Image Americans are as obsessed with time as many other cultures are with relationship-building. Famously monochronic, they treat time as a tangible asset which can be saved, spent, lost, found, invested and wasted. If U.S. business people have an appointment in someone's office at 9:00 they expect their counterpart to see them right on the dot. They regard a person who keeps them waiting for longer than ten minutes as either hopelessly undisciplined, intolerably rude or both. Similarly, once the meeting starts Americans expect discussions to proceed to conclusion without interruption. When doing business in polychronic cultures they become easily upset when discussions are interrupted by phone calls, drop-in visitors or secretaries bringing in papers to be signed. This means that visiting negotiators should take care to be on time for all meetings in the USA and can expect an apology if they are kept waiting for more than a few minutes. ... » » » MORE

Business Meetings in the United States

Image AA visitor who is arriving in the United States as a member of a U.S. organization will usually have received an itinerary of his or her scheduled activities. This itinerary will include the name of the hotel and the time of first meetings at the office. It will mention by name the people who will take part in the opening discussions. Such a visitor need take no specific action before arrival. If he does not have a local office or agent, the visitor is well advised to arrange firm appointments with the people or companies he wishes to see. Such appointments are easy to make by mail. A letter is an acceptable substitute for personal contact in the United States, and if it contains a clear message, it will reach the appropriate person in the target organization. The visitor should insist that the subsequent appointment be with a specific individual. Otherwise he could waste much time searching for the appropriate contact. ... » » » MORE

Successful Negotiations in the United States

Image The good foreign negotiator will be sensitive to signals that indicate areas of importance to the American. What does the U.S. counterpart hope to gain? Remember that, to the typical American, success related to personal accomplishment or organizational gains is the cornerstone to making a deal. This view encompasses a broad variety of potential advantages: making profits, earning more money, completing a job, advancing in the hierarchy, making new friends, introducing new products or data to the organization, and perhaps simply experiencing the prestige or excitement of opening a foreign connection. To strengthen his initial reception, the foreign visitor might well present some first-rate written material. ... » » » MORE


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