Business Culture in Thailand



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Business Culture in Thailand

Image Find out about doing business in Thailand, business culture in Thailand and Thailand business etiquette. Learn about Thailand business ethics, Thailand business travel, Thailand business customs, Thailand business communication and Thailand business practices. Discover business customs in Thailand, Thailand business negotiations, Thailand business gifts and Thailand business protocol. Receive latest information on Thailand business meetings, Thailand business dress and the use of business cards in Thailand. Get practical tips on business relationships in Thailand, business greetings in Thailand and much more.

Business Customs and Protocol in Thailand

Image There may be many interruptions to meetings. For example, if the phone rings while you are in the middle of a discussion, they will take the call; someone may come into the room to have something signed. The Thai are accustomed to having a multiplicity of things going on at the same time. It may be a little disconcerting for people coming from a more linear society where things are done in segments. Americans tend to compartmentalize issues during negotiations. In Thailand, an American can feel lost because their counterparts may see all issues interrelated. ... » » » MORE

Successful Business Meetings in Thailand

Image The prudent traveler will arrive with adequate baht (B) in hand to cover immediate transactions. He should conduct future exchange transactions in banks only. Even grand delux hotels offer inferior rates. Thailand's recently devalued currency provides favorable local costs for foreigners with hard currency. Arrival formalities are uncomplicated: Thai officials are courteous and accommodating. The all-too-frequent bottlenecks at passport-control or customs desks rarely occur in Bangkok. A special desk just past the customs stations sells tickets for air-conditioned limousines that transport the farang, or foreigner, directly to his hotel. ... » » » MORE

Doing Business in Thailand

Image The strongly relationship-oriented Thais are reluctant to talk business with people they do not know. That applies especially to any foreigner trying to sell them something. A good solution is to meet your prospects at a trade show or on a trade mission. Otherwise, arrange to be introduced -- ideally by a person or organization of high status who knows both you and the Thai party. Failing that, see if you have a friend with a non-competing company already represented in Bangkok. If so, ask him or her to introduce you. Other sources of introductions are the your embassy, the chamber of commerce or bank, plus trading companies, law firms or consulting firms. The key point here is that cold calls rarely work in Thailand. ... » » » MORE


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