Business Culture in Mexico



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Business Culture in Mexico

Image Find out about business culture, protocol, customs and business etiquette in Mexico. Learn about doing successful business in Mexico, marketing, corporate structure, negotiating, establishing connections and finding your partner. Receive latest information on Mexico business organization, manners, building relationship, correspondence and traditions. Get practical tips on meeting protocol, business entertainment, communication, social customs and much more.

Successful Negotiations in Mexico

Image Clearly identify who the decision maker is among your Mexican counterparts. Much more so than in the US, the decision maker is one man. This comes from a historical and cultural emphasis on personalismo (personalism). This cultural value has developed very strong political leaders, individuals who are not followed so much for their ideology or political affiliation but because of who they are as a person. This same cultural value predominates in Mexican businesses. If you are not dealing with the decision maker, you are simply going through an extra step in the negotiating process. In the United States, there are often many people involved in the decision making--lawyers, technical specialists, line management, factory representatives, etc. Decisions tend to be reached by committee or group process. It is important for American business people not to assume this is also the case on the Mexican side where it usually comes down to one person. The decision will be based not only on his or her assessment of the negotiations, but also on feelings about the US company and the individuals representing that company. ... » » » MORE

Doing Business in Mexico

Image A local connection is very important. Avoid a cold' approach to a prospective business partner. Instead plan to attend a trade show or join a trade mission to meet interested parties, or arrange for a chamber of commerce, trade association, government agency or bank to introduce you to Mexican firms. Start at the top: approach the most senior person in the company. Your first letter or fax should be in Spanish, but specify that if possible you would prefer to correspond in English from then on. Request an appointment about two weeks in advance; let the Mexican party decide the time and place to meet. ... » » » MORE

Developing Business Relationships in Mexico

Image In order to build successful business relationships in Mexico, the foreigner must keep in mind that the Mexican is a proud individual, one that may even be somewhat defensive in his/her professional relationships. The foreign executive should proceed slowly, ensuring that the Mexican feels respected for his/her skills and expertise and that the interaction is one of equals. The best way to avoid unproductive conflict is to anticipate the nature of the conflicts one most likely will confront. It is essential that one understands that life and business in Mexico proceed according to different standards and differing rhythms. Before one criticizes colleagues, partners, or subordinates for not proceeding according to the plan, one must analyze if both the plan and deadlines were realistic and viable within the Mexican work environment. ... » » » MORE


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