Business Culture in Germany



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Business Culture in Germany

Image Find out about business culture, protocol, customs and business etiquette in germany. Learn about doing successful business in germany, marketing, corporate structure, negotiating, establishing connections and finding your partner. Receive latest information on germany business organization, manners, building relationship, correspondence and traditions. Get practical tips on meeting protocol, business entertainment, communication, social customs and much more.

Understanding Your German Partner

Image Formality makes it harder to reach a German. There is the model of the peach and the coconut, which illustrates the relationship-building styles of the two cultures. In America, you have the peach, where you can find out about someone very easily. The outer shell is very soft and simple to peel away, Americans will tell you all about their families, their backgrounds, and where they're from, all on a three-hour airplane ride. Afterwards they'll say, "oh, I've met a new friend here." In Germany, you find more of a coconut. It takes a long time to get through the outer shell, because it's a hard, tough shell to crack. Germans don't let you in so fast. Once you do get through, however, the inside is very soft, and you have made a friend for life and you share with one another very openly your deepest thoughts. But German formality makes for a much longer relationship-building process than is found in the US. ... » » » MORE

Successful Business Communication in Germany

Image Americans often have difficulties with foreign business partners. We tend to "get right down to business" without taking the time to form the kind of personal relations that in many cultures are a prerequisite to initiating business relations. In the case of the American/German interface, Americans are in the opposite role. Personal relations play a smaller part in the German business world than they do in the US. Talks and meetings begin without preamble, and personal factors are rarely taken into account when considering business questions, even when the subject involves personnel or human resource issues. Colleagues rarely become friends, as Germans strongly separate their private life from their professional sphere. ... » » » MORE

Business Customs and Protocol in Germany

Image We must understand that Germans are simply more formal. And the reason they are more formal is hierarchy. Sixty percent of top managers in German engineering and manufacturing companies have a doctorate degree. This cost them blood, sweat and tears. These are tough degrees to get, and they want you to know that. A wife of a German executive with doctorate is called "Frau Doctor." Age is also a rather important factor in the hierarchical business structure. The younger you are, the more you have to be conscious of formality. Germans shake hands more often than we do in the States. You shake hands when you meet someone, and you shake hands when you leave. The handshake should be firm, with good, strong eye contact. But that is about it for body contact. One should avoid grabbing someone's arm or slapping someone's back. ... » » » MORE


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